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Twin Falls Concrete Curbing Landscape Edging borders

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Concrete Curbing Installation in Twin Falls

Tired of looking at your lackluster landscaping? Want to improve it?

Try concrete curbinga clean look for your lawn without spending thousands of dollars. 

Concrete Edging

The best concrete curbing services provide professional design to your landscape. 

  • Seperate the garden from the lawn
  • Provides mower edging 
  • Protect flowers

With over 15 years experience we can enhance your curb appeal.  

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Get The Best Edging For Your Lawn

Curbing provides a solid concrete border between grass & unwanted intruders. It makes trimming easier with more benefits:

  • Reduced trimming & decorating time
  • Doesn’t rust, move or decompose
  • Continuous root barrier
  • Economical & durable 
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We Offer Multiple Colors & Design Options

Choose from our multiple options for curb colors & designs. All of them highlight the features of your property & bring an aesthetic appeal.

Schedule your FREE curbing consultation with professional landscapers. Give us a call on 208-320-3444 & get your no-obligation quote. 

What does concrete curbing cost?

It depends on the area of the job site, design and range of services. But the good news — You’ll be surprised how inexpensive our product is when you compare it to others. 

Many offer “cheaper” landscape edging products, but none is as good as our concrete edging in terms of beauty & quality.

We have a product for every budget and all of them offer great value. 

How long will installation take?

It takes around two hours per 100 feet of curb laid. We prepare your yard (such as flower bed shaping), install a new curb, & complete some other small tasks during this time.  

Will my yard be damaged during the installation?

Your grass does not get affected by our machines. We use wheelbarrows or piledrivers to transfer concrete. It’s safe for your grass due to the large turf tires. 

We cut the grass In the areas where the curb will be laid as required. The remaining grass will be the same. 

How long does concrete edging last?

It can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Moisture can harm any concrete surface.

Water penetrates cracks in concrete where it freezes in the winter.

To prevent concrete from breaking, you can apply a sealer to stop water. It assures a long & healthy life for your concrete edging.

How long will it take to dry?

It takes around a week for our curbing to dry. Even though you can walk on it after 48 hours, be cautious during the 1st week.

Avoid lawn maintenance or landscaping for at least 3-4 days. Keep the pets and children away from it to avoid any damage. 

Most importantly, turn the irrigation system (sprinklers) off for the first 24 hours and avoid contact with it.  

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They installed a seed lawn which was cheaper, but survived the hot summer.So happy Jake found and planted my favorite maple tree. Sprinklers are spraying perfectly, no problems!

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