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Sprinkler Blowouts Twin Falls

Any water left in your sprinklers freezes in the winter. This damages your irrigation system leading to costly repairs. 

Sprinkler blowouts are the best way to avoid this damage. And prepare your system for a smooth start-up in the spring. 

Winterize Your Irrigation System

Blowout is part of winterization of your pipes and outdoor hoses in October.

  • Avoids expensive component replacements
  • Prevents pipe expansion in winters
  • Prevents pipes from freezing 

With over 20 years experience we prevent cold weather from damaging your sprinkler system. 

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Blow-out Process

With advanced air compressors, hose, quick-connect hose adaptors, we ensure to help you save money, time & peace of mind. 

  • Turning off the water supply
  • Draining main & reserve lines
  • Blowing out all the lines
  • Setting timers to OFF
fixing lights

Save Your Warranty From Getting Void

Gravity alone can’t pull out the water from pipes, valves & other parts. A reliable blow out system from us would be the best. 

Warranties on labor & parts can be voided if there’s no blow out system installed. Luckily, we can get that for you at an affordable cost.

Schedule your FREE consultation today with our professionals. Call us on 208-734-8513 & ensure the safety of your lawn sprinklers. 

How Much Does Sprinkler Winterization Cost?

Price to blow out your sprinkler system depends on the number of zones. The current condition & age of the components also matters.

At James’s Sprinkler & Landscape, we guarantee to provide budget-friendly winterization services. This blowout process takes a little time & this investment is worth the cost. 

It is way cheaper than repairing or replacing water lines or ruptured sprinklers.  

When should I winterize my irrigation system?

Any time before the ground starts freezing. We suggest getting that done in September or October as it is the best time to turn off the system. 

Can you blow out my sprinkler system after the first hard freeze?

Yes. We can do that. Schedule your meeting with our winterization experts to discuss the scope of your project.

Do I need to be at home?

No. But our technicians must have access to your control box to finish the job. The only thing we want from you is that your water supply should be turned off already. You have to shut off the valve in the basement for that.

Will your air compressor damage my sprinkler system?

No. Our compressors come with the governor on it to maintain the pressure of 60-80 psi & more. This amount of pressure is safe for all the sprinklers, pipes and fittings.

If your sprinkler system is broken or cracks in the pipe, the pressure will blow out the air, and we can locate the areas that need fixing.  

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They installed a seed lawn which was cheaper, but survived the hot summer.So happy James found and planted my favorite maple tree. Sprinklers are spraying perfectly, no problems!

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