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Patio Pavers Install Stone Brick

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Twin Falls Patio Pavers

Concrete paver patios offer endless design ideas for outdoor kitchens, grill stations, bordering walls, water features, and fire pits with built-in seating.

Professional brick paver installation is affordable and can be usually completed in a day.

Paver Stone Patios

Brick pavers redefine the luxury for homeowners. Stone patios add value to your landscaping (and being outside is just more fun).

  • Long Term Cost Benefits
  • Durability & Strength
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy To Repair
  • Fast Installation 

With over 15 years experience, we install brick paver patios. 

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Hardscaping Installers

We blend your pavers for a natural look that stands out. And transform your landscaping with walkways, retaining walls, and maybe a built-in fireplace. 

Choose from various paver styles:

  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Shapes
  • Colors 
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We Design Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Pavers increase the appeal & desirability of your home. Plus, this yard feature is durable, resilient, and long-lasting. 

Book your FREE paver install consultation today! We ensure to get your dream home into a reality. 

How much is the cost for paver installation?

The final price depends on the following factors:

  • Front yard vs back yard
  • Product style & color
  • Design complexity
  • Base material
  • Project size 

No matter if your project is big or small, affordable rates are guaranteed with us!

What are the advantages of brick pavers?

The advantages of brick pavers over concrete & asphalt are not just shapes, looks, and colors. 

Brick pavers are specially designed for more durability and strength than concrete & asphalt. With a minimum compressive strength of 8000 psi, they are ideal for our environment. 

Plus, it offers a hard-wearing and flexible surface connecting pavers to any walkway, driveway, or patio to move without cracking. 

What type of gravel do you use?

We use high-quality road base gravel. It is ideally 6 inches thick for patios & walkways, and 10-12 inches thick for driveways.

We place 1 inch of bedding of coarse sand before laying the pavers.

How to control grass & weeds from coming up in my pavers?

We treat pavers with soil sterilizer before installing them over dirt.

Our team uses a plate compactor to lock the pavers after they are laid as it cuts off most of the growing environment.

If you still notice grass or weeds, you can easily pull them out or use weed killer spray to remove them. 

Can the edges of the interlocking paving stones be curved?

Yes. Our installation crew helps you with any design or curves for steps, walls, driveways, patios, etc. 

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Paver Patios

Custom stone & brick pavers for patios and walkways

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They installed a seed lawn which was cheaper, but survived the hot summer.So happy Jake found and planted my favorite maple tree. Sprinklers are spraying perfectly, no problems!

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