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Twin Falls Retaining Wall Contractors Landscaping

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Retaining Wall Contractors in Twin Falls

Hire a contractor for retaining walls — and take your yard higher (elevated that is) with raised beds full of your favorite trees and shrubs. Cost less than you think and LOOK amazing!

Natural Stone Walls

Natural flagstone, irregular granite and random large boulders are some of your options for a beautiful and functional stone or brick retaining wall.

  • Erosion and water control
  • Cost-effective
  • Aesthetics

With over 15 years experience we can create a beautiful focal point for your backyard.

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Prevent Soil Erosion & Provide Flood Control

Be it any landscape, wind & water cause erosion. Retaining walls prevents it and provide advantages, plus:

  • Easy to reach raised garden beds
  • Efficient water drainage
  • Elevated architecture 

Then fill it full of your favorite flowers and plants. Now you DONT have to bend over to pick a rose or a vegetable.

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Elevated Landscaping

If your home is located on or close to a steep embankment, a retaining wall turns it into a flat space.

You can install stairs or have more space for your landscape. Plus, it prevents sinkholes & eliminates the eyesore of dirt piles.

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What are retaining walls made from?

Most of them are created by interlocking blocks made from brick or stone. You can also find some that are made of concrete and even wood/timber.

How long will it take to build a retaining wall?

It depends on the size of the project. The wall might just be 5 feet or it may spread across your backyard.

Give us a call. Our experts will visit you and figure out the estimated time for your project completion. 

Do you offer different colors for wall bricks?

Yes, we offer multiple designs and colors for wall blocks. Book your free consultation today to know more about our commercial and residential retaining wall designs.

How long do retaining walls last?

Stone and brick walls last for decades. Sometimes, soil & weather conditions may weaken the wall. However, our professionally built walls will have no problem. 

What do you use to backfill the wall?

We mostly use clean & crushed stone for the first 6 to 12 inches. Rest of the wall is then backfilled with the compacted soil. 

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